Discriminating Burglars Posted March 31, 2014


All credit to the robbers who burgled Danielle and Kirsten’s house in Australia. They obviously know a bit about wine.

Leaving the cheap bottles just where they were, the thieves made off with the two bottles of “Je Suis” 2010, that we had sent to the two girls, just a few short months ago.

Kirsten (who tours the world with Priscilla Queen of the Desert, the marvelous Australian musical), was devastated.

We hope the burglars realize that the wine will be approaching its best, around ten years from now…

The good news is that we can replace the bottles for them, as we bought up all the remaining stock of this extraordinarily great wine. Hopefully their insurers will do the honorable thing.

From the same vineyard we have just tasted two new wines, impressive ones, the handwriting of the winemaker Remy Eymas, is very evident.

“There is no good reason why good cannot triumph over evil. If only angels get organised along the lines of the Mafia.”  (Kurt Vonnegut)

– Les


Remy’s new wine:

“Per vitem, ad vitam” (“Through wine to life”)

This is a limited edition of 2700 bottles
Price €14
60% Cab Franc: 20% Merlot/20% Malbec
Bordeaux Shaped bottle Aging Potential 15 to 20 years

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