Markets and Shopping

Shopping in Bordeaux and around Blaye

Wednesdays and Saturdays are market days in Blaye and there are antique shops and brocante depots within walking distance of Villa St Simon.

Open air food markets occur all over Bordeaux and offer a fine array of seasonal fresh sea food, mushrooms, fruit and vegetables as well as cheeses, breads and meats.

Treasure hunting the craft and antique markets of Bordeaux is always fascinating and often rewarding.

The fashion malls of Bordeaux city are 40km up-river from Blaye. Take the leisurely route via the Gironde ferry and the Medoc or drive on the freeway for 40 minutes.

And of course shopping for the essence of Bordeaux is de rigueur. If you have the budget for the likes of Lafite, Latour or Petrus châteaux – you are of course in the right place.

If you also enjoy putting your faith in your own palate and you love treasure hunting – you are especially in the right place. Your host will take great pleasure in guiding you through cellars that are off the beaten track.

There is much to discover and you can expect to find Bordeaux gems at bargain prices.