Here at Villa St Simon, all is go go go, it is Primeur season, (futures tasting) and the Villa is filled with guests from the USA, UK, Columbia, Ukraine, Ireland and Normandie. The Wine and Tapas bar re opens tomorrow and Alison and Cornelius are working feverishly to have the new front terrace furnished, the additions to the bar complete and new artworks installed.

Through all this the chickens in the vegetable garden continue to live placid lives and eggs arrive on a daily basis. Mary the Kiepie, the gorgeous grey one is laying eggs twice the size of the others and she provides us with daily merriment, as everyone comments on the size of her productions. Jerome the Gardner is planning the vegetable garden, he was imported to Blaye from Dax to play for the Blaye rugby team. Rugby is his life andhe has set up Express Jardinière, his gardening company to keep him occupied during the day, he is learning about gardening on the job, and I worry about the vegetable supply from our “potager” in summer, as he doesn’t seem to be able to work for more than one hour at a time. Not so Express.

We have had lots of requests to source wine for the weddings that many of you are having this year and next. We are of course very happy to do this! There is also an opportunity for a young mother among you to set up a wedding wine site. We will help with the sourcing of the wines for you. As we buy so much from the local chateaux many have agreed to give us special wedding/confirmation/celebration/barmitzvah/christening rates for you. So for the price of Sainsbury’s usual plonk you can arrange to have lovely unique Bordeaux, reds, whites, roses and also bubbly from either Champagne or Bordeaux (Cremant).