Wine Appreciation

Whether you are a wine aficionado or simply enjoy wine, we have something for you. Join Les in the wine bar for a Debunking of wine, a light-hearted ramble through Bordeaux wines and a wine tasting (on advanced reservation only).

The Art of Wine Tasting and Demystifying French Wine

This hour and a half coached tasting and wine presentation is aimed at people who enjoy wine and are interested in enriching this pleasure. We debunk all things pretentious and get down to basics. You will learn:

  • How to read Bordeaux wine labels
  • How to store, present and serve wine
  • How to read the age and alcohol intensity of wine
  • How to liberate and capture the bouquet of wine
  • The anatomy and the techniques of tasting
  • About pairing food with wine
  • How to tell the year of the wine in the glass

The wines we focus on, are the classic red Bordeaux blends, but much of what we cover is equally applicable to other wines. We meet in the wine bar La Petite Cave at 6:30pm and the presentation includes tasting at least three Bordeaux wines, whereafter you may stroll to a nearby restaurant for dinner.

The rate is €47 p.p.

Wines Course Bordeaux

This two day course is aimed at wine aficionados who wish to enhance their knowledge in depth, specifically with regards to the wines of Bordeaux. We cover the following aspects:

  • History of French wine
  • How to read French labels
  • Wine laws and AOC
  • Terroir and Viniculture
  • Vinification – techniques and trends
  • Grapes varieties and the art of blending
  • Chateaux that shaped Bordeaux
  • Food paring with Bordeaux blends

Our courses are tailor-made and adjusted to your level of wine knowledge. Course dates can be scheduled to your convenience for groups of at least four participants. Participants receive a “Blaye Wine Academy” course completion certificate.

Please enquire about dates and rates email!