Wine, Jazz and Japan Posted August 6, 2014 | Tags: , , , ,


It’s Summer holidays in Blaye and music festivals and other attractions have started in earnest. We went to the Wine and Jazz night in Bourg on Tuesday, and while one of the finest Jazz exponents was on the bill, the whole event was decidedly underwhelming.

Organised by the winemakers of Bourg, we arrived at 8.30 to find… no wine before the start at 9.30. We left after 40 minutes, the lighting seating and sound were just not good enough. Anyway it was a full house and at €22 a head it hopefully filled the coffers of the vignerons.

We have a delightful group from Japan at Villa St Simon, most have taken up residence in our brand new flats across the road. Inevitably the language difficulties cause some mirth, one of the best to date, is this one in an email from the accommodation organizer of the group:

“Regarding to No5, Mr. Okano now exists until tomorrow.”

We hope that even after he leaves tomorrow, Mr Okano will continue to exist.