Boutique B&B in the Heart of Bordeaux Winelands

Wine Tours

Come and join us on our wine tours through one of the most famous and interesting wine regions of the world: Bordeaux (just a 2h train ride from Paris!). Benefit from our local knowledge and long standing relationships to local chateaux for well over a decade.

Have the full experience!

The Bordeaux Chateaux, while famous by name, are a rather private community. Many are not open to walk-in guests and public wine tours. Often your time is spent taking lovely pictures of their exterior, but seldom having the opportunity to taste the wine. We want you to have the full-experience and make the most of your time during your brief stay in Bordeaux.

Meet the people who blend and craft these great vintages

Depending on the time of year, you may even get to experience the harvest first hand! (mid-September to mid-October). If you stay here long enough, you might even get drafted to help!

Each tour is priced per person, and includes comfortable (air-conditioned) transportation from Villa St Simon to each of these historic terroir. All our visits are very personal and can be tailor-made to suit your interests.

Interested in making the most of your stay, learn more about our offerings and custom holidays at Bordeaux Village Blaye.